Composer - Conductor - Arranger - Producer


“I had high hopes of using an orchestra to create the sound for the film, but the budget by no means matched my ambition. But I guess that’s the beauty with film and passion – you create your own luck in a sense and I was real lucky, that I found Benjamien Lycke, a composer who loved the film as much as I loved his work. I had contacted the Royal College of Music to see if they had anyone who would be interested in working together. There were a lot of really talented composers who contacted me but it wasn’t until Benjamien did, that I felt that this was it. I explained to Benjamien how I normally approach my work. That I normally work with a very loose backbone and that everything really comes together into its final state in the edit. And Benjamien felt that he should construct the music with the same ethos. So during the recording session I had no clue how everything was going come together and I could really relate to that excitement. Benjamien scored the music for the film, and all of a sudden we were recording the score with a 15 band orchestra – it was a mind blowing and a very humbling experience to sit in a session where music was created especially for my film.”

– Youness Benali